“Styled In” – The Artful Wardrobe

Styled In  – The Artful Wardrobe

 About My Personal Stylist & Procurement Services & the Critical Cause it Helps Support

With a mother who used to be an editor for Vogue and a 20-something-year-old daughter who runs a successful custom jewelry design business catering to celebs, “good taste” & a consummate sense of style runs in my family. Even my grandmother, once a stately grand dame of San Francisco society (back when they used to call monied socialites “handsome”) was dressed to the gills––always––yet without looking like she tried all that hard. That’s a true classic style. (Check out a photo of grandmother with with my mother and aunt off to “summer” in Switzerland. Dahhhling…what a life. )

That’s why recently I made the decision to take a sabbatical from my 15+ years writing profession to devote myself to putting together “artful wardrobes” for YOU.

With my own taste running from a classic, timeless style to what I term “upscale Bo-Ho” (and Rockabilly only if the rusted time machine parked in my garage ever allows me to turn back the clock 20 years) I cater largely to clients who share my own style vs. trying to radically alter my own artistic and design sensibilities to suit those whose style runs outside of what excites & motivates me personally.

Think of me as a fine artist, who is commissioned to create a work of art––one that takes time, effort & considerable thought and you will understand why I won’t––can’t really–put together a hurried, unthoughtful wardrobe for anyone. And also why I can’t “paint” a Thomas Kincaide wardrobe if my own tastes run more to Picasso. (With my apologies to Thomas.)

In other words, I create unique, artful wardrobes for people who appreciate the time and talent it takes to both procure & style each outfit and who don’t have either the hours in the week, skill, talent (or all of the above) to do it themselves.

I search far and wide through thrift stores, consignment shops, designer wholesale sources & other venues to find high-end clothing––new, nearly new & super-cool vintage––that combined together help to create looks that are unqiuely “you”… hopefully making you feel as beautiful as He (your Creator) fashioned you to be.

Browse through my portfolio of artful outfits I’ve put together for others and I’m certain you’ll find at least some looks that resonate with who you & your own sense of style. If not, then clearly I’m not the stylist for you!

If you like what you see, be sure to read carefully how my service works so you don’t have expectations that I cannot fill.

Now to the cause –what’s at the heart of what I do and why I do it.

(Read Re-claiming Clothes. Re-purposing Lives.)


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It’s a Mod Mod World – “Far Out” Authentic Vintage Mod Maxi Dress

Peggy Lipton Would Have Worn This

Authentic VTG ’60’s Cool “Mod Squad” Mad-Men Maxi Dress

Dead Stock. Not Woodstock.

Far Out, Man. It just doesn’t get any more mod than this.  Peggy Lipton, while sipping her Green Tea, would agree.  Which is why if you happen to be on the hunt for that quintessential authentic ’60’s Mod Maxi dress, your search–I’m happy to say–has ended.

Not only is this the real deal– the vintage ’60’s mod dress poster dress of all poster dresses that Yes! Peggy of TV’s Mod Squad fame would most definitely wear––but it has never been worn!  The still-attached, yellowed tags with archaic Mad-Men Madison-Avenue style ad copy (back when they used to write overblown ad pitches on garment tags) easily substantiates that claim.

This garment is true “dead stock.” What exactly is “dead stock”? No, it’s not a hippie who had too much hashish at Woodstock and keeled over as a result––rather it’s a fashion business term that means authentic vintage clothing that manages to hang around in a warehouse–-say, like Warehouse 13–-for decades only to re-appear, tags still intact. (Psychic powers emanating from this dress is not guaranteed.)

Shown here with cool contrasting circle belt, necklace & platform shoes all of which are for sale elsewhere in my store.

Be sure to check out all my designer clothing up for auction in my eBay Store

There you will find some fabulous finds of all kinds: Vintage, EUC & New!