It’s a Mod Mod World – “Far Out” Authentic Vintage Mod Maxi Dress

Peggy Lipton Would Have Worn This

Authentic VTG ’60’s Cool “Mod Squad” Mad-Men Maxi Dress

Dead Stock. Not Woodstock.

Far Out, Man. It just doesn’t get any more mod than this.  Peggy Lipton, while sipping her Green Tea, would agree.  Which is why if you happen to be on the hunt for that quintessential authentic ’60’s Mod Maxi dress, your search–I’m happy to say–has ended.

Not only is this the real deal– the vintage ’60’s mod dress poster dress of all poster dresses that Yes! Peggy of TV’s Mod Squad fame would most definitely wear––but it has never been worn!  The still-attached, yellowed tags with archaic Mad-Men Madison-Avenue style ad copy (back when they used to write overblown ad pitches on garment tags) easily substantiates that claim.

This garment is true “dead stock.” What exactly is “dead stock”? No, it’s not a hippie who had too much hashish at Woodstock and keeled over as a result––rather it’s a fashion business term that means authentic vintage clothing that manages to hang around in a warehouse–-say, like Warehouse 13–-for decades only to re-appear, tags still intact. (Psychic powers emanating from this dress is not guaranteed.)

Shown here with cool contrasting circle belt, necklace & platform shoes all of which are for sale elsewhere in my store.

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